Our Values

"He has told you, O mortal, what is good;
    and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
    and to walk humbly with your God?"

Micah 6:8



Do Justice

We recognize that we cross many intersections of identity, privilege, and oppression as individuals and as a collective. We strive to be a community that educates and cares for others and ourselves in our varied and complex situations. We are committed to uncovering and doing all that we can to end injustice in our community, city, and world.


Love Kindness

We recognize that a meaningful and loving community is essential to thriving as creatures in this world. We strive to embody this community by being in caring and authentic relationships, and offering support and understanding as much as possible. We are committed to being an open, inviting, and vulnerable community.


Walk Humbly

We recognize that as humans we are caught between a finite world and an infinite possibility. We strive to embrace the ambiguity of our condition, discover the transcendence in our world and in each other, and to remain faithful to the God that keeps the future open. We are committed to embracing all aspects of this journey: questioning, struggle, perseverance,  and, over and above them all, love.


We Are 

Open and Affirming


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About our Student Minister

Elliot Butay is a native Tulsan who sometimes sits atop mountains. But for the most part you'll find him eating donuts, playing board games, and staying consistently one step behind his two children. He graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a minor in Biblical Literature. His Christian journey has taken him everywhere from the speaking in tongues of the Assemblies of God to the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church. He became a youth pastor because he believes everyone needs a place to belong and be known. These days he likes organizing for social justice, French existentialists, dad jokes, and his wife, Chelsea. Ask him about mewithoutYou!

Fellowship Student Ministry is a ministry of Fellowship Lutheran Church in Tulsa, OK, a member of the ELCA. For a full statement of beliefs and social statements please visit www.elca.org.