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About These Are Our Bodies

These Are Our Bodies   is a comprehensive faith and sexuality program for Middle and High School students that we offer periodically at Fellowship Student Ministry. It is grounded in our tradition that all people are loved by God and made in God's image. The program offers adolescents a space in which to explore their beliefs about sexuality and the complexity of their related feelings, questions, and concerns, within the context of their faith. Adult facilitators model relationship skills such as listening, empathy, and problem solving as they explore topics and answer questions in an open and healthy atmosphere.

Based on the universal needs of young people and their caregivers, These Are Our Bodies honors and lifts up caregivers as the primary educators to their children. The program involves caregivers as an integral part of the experience and supports them with conversation and resources throughout, including help answering questions, listening tips, and information about sexuality from a faith perspective.

We completed our first Senior High session this past winter, be on the lookout for our Middle School program soon!

Why talk about sex in church? A letter to our families.