Wednesday Nights

7th and 8th Grade

5:30-6:00 / Pizza Hangout

6:00-7:30 / Gathering

Our Fall 2018 program begins September 19th!

About Confirmation

Confirmation is a journey to affirming the baptism that brought us into the church, but students don't have to be baptized to participate. Our program is for 7th and 8th grade students who want to start the process of learning what it means to have faith and to claim that faith for themselves. 

Our mission is:

"To nurture Christian faith and to build long-term Christian relationships within the life of the Church."

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We believe that God's grace is extended to us in every aspect of our lives and that engagement in the life of the Church is a multifaceted journey. In working to achieve our mission we engage students in our 4 C's of discipleship: Contemplation, Conversation, Celebration, and Call to Action.

Through prayer and contemplative practices students deepen their personal relationship with the infinite. In sharing highs, lows, and honest questions they learn to grow through community. By volunteering for worship and planning a youth led Sunday morning, they come to understand and gain an appreciation for our Lutheran liturgy in traditional and contemporary settings. Students are called to engage with their community and apply their faith to the real world issues they encounter everyday.

Our two year program culminates in each student writing their own Faith Statement and participating in the Affirmation of Baptism. We use the Colaborate curriculum published by Sparkhouse and it's our goal that students leave our program both well grounded in the Lutheran tradition and well equipped with tools to navigate a rapidly changing and often pluralistic world. 



Faith was never meant to be done alone. Adolescence is difficult enough without adding in questions of faith, doubt, morals, ethics, eternity and the like. At every stage of life we need a loving community and support to safely navigate life's tough decisions and experiences. Our Adopt-A-Confirmand program is an open and relational approach to cultivating discipleship in our larger church community by pairing adult mentors with Confirmands. If you are interested in learning more, click or fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly!


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